European Roma for Science

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Academic freedom, autonomy and mobility for the advancement of knowledge
1 August 2023 to 1 August 2028
About the project: 
European Roma for Science is a scientific initiative that promotes academic freedom, autonomy and mobility for the advancement of knowledge. Carried out entirely by Romani scientists, this initiative does not see identity in terms of differentiation from others but in terms of similarity or affinity in shared values such as academic freedom, autonomy or mobility. Although we welcome support from other like-minded individuals and organisations, we do not actively seek this support nor accept any kind of instructions or conditionality that may compromise our academic freedom. Family remains at the very heart of our culture, and we believe in academic autonomy and respect between different schools of thought and traditions. Finally, we also believe in academic mobility, unhindered by institutional or state boundaries, as a universal value for the development and spread of scientific knowledge around the globe.
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