Freedom of movement of workers in the EU: the Bosman ruling

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The Bosman ruling is a 1995 European Court of Justice decision concerning freedom of movement for workers, freedom of association, and direct effect of article 39[2] (formerly 48) of the EC Treaty. The case was an important decision on the free movement of labour and had a profound effect on the transfers of football players within the EU. The decision banned restrictions on foreign EU players within national leagues and allowed players in the EU to move to another club at the end of a contract without a transfer fee being paid. The ruling was made in a consolidation of three separate legal cases, all involving Belgian player Jean-Marc Bosman. In this public lecture and panel discussion we will count with the participation of a guest lecturer that is visiting the department from the department of applied economics of Universidade da Coruña, Prof. Dr. Jose Manuel Sánchez Santos.

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