Brexit Talk 4: Agriculture and Food

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A quarter of the food and drinks consumed in the UK have been produced elsewhere in the EU, while parts of British agricultural production such as lamb depend heavily on being able to export to the rest of the EU. Change in regulations, including customs and phytosanitary checks, agricultural subsidy, and the value of sterling could dramatically alter this flow. Moreover, citizens from elsewhere in the EU provide a significant contribution to the agricultural labour force. This event looked at the security of UK food supply and at food safety following the accomplishment of Brexit. The event consisted of a lecture from the University of Reading's Professor Alan Swinbank, an expert on agricultural policy, in front of an audience of students and staff at Royal Holloway, University of London, as well as members of the wider public, who were encouraged to ask questions. This was the last of four talks about different aspects of Brexit, organized in the early part of 2018 by Royal Holloway's Jean Monnet Chair and the following academic departments: Economics, Law, and Politics and International Relations. The event was co-funded by the EU's Erasmus+ programme.
Tuesday, 6 March, 2018
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