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17 November 2018
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The EUROSCI Network Center in the United States was created in 2017 to better serve the needs of American students and scholars. The US is the third or fourth largest country in the world by total area, almost the size of the whole continent of Europe. With a population of 325 million, it is also the third most populous country in the world. More than half of Americans aged 25 and over attended some higher education, more than one quarter graduated with a bachelor's degree, and nearly one tenth earned graduate degrees. As of 2018, there are around 20 million students enrolled in American colleges and universities.

The US also has the largest economy by nominal GDP and the second largest in real terms, and spends more on education than any nation in the world (nearly $13,000 per public school student projected for 2018-19). It has a very competitive higher education system and its universities are on the top of every world ranking.

The US is also a global superpower, as well as a founding member of the UN and many other international organizations. The US and the EU have a long history of cooperation on trade and security, wich is strengthened by shared values.

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