EEA grants: Institutional change for international exchange of students with disabilities

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1 September 2015 to 31 July 2016
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The project will address the matter of international mobility of students with physical disabilities by focusing on two matters: institutional assessment and change and setting up a framework for actual mobilities. It is situated, broadly, at the intersection of two main dimensions of higher education priorities worldwide at this moment: internationalization and social equity, by aiming to ensure equal access of students with physical disabilities to international mobilities for studies. Thus, it offers students with disabilities the opportunity to cultivate their personal and professional skills in order to support their access and inclusion to an increasingly internationalized academic world, as well as an increasingly globalized labour market. The project contributes to the specific aim of targeting social sustainability issues as it has the objective to socially and economically empower students with disabilities. The project is expected to achieve an Evaluation Tool for Higher Education Institutions, a State of the Art Report, a White Paper and a Manual for Institutional Change, as well as a Mobility Network of Higher Education Institutions committed to promoting and supporting mobilities for students with disabilities.
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