Master's in planning and management of new tourist products and destinations

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Double diploma available from Universitatea din Suceava and Universidade da Coruña
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The management of tourist destinations is closely related to local development and the creation of value. In turn, the creation of value in a tourist destination can arise from the development of new products targeted toward specific market segments. In this master's programme you will become an expert in the planning and management of new tourist products and destinations, and develop skills that will help you work in a number of areas, from the development of innovative tourist products to local economic development management.

This new master’s programme is taught entirely in English and was designed to fill a gap in the academic and professional training of tourism managers in Romania and internationally. As a student or graduate of this programme, you will benefit from the following opportunities:

  • It is the first and, so far, the only master's degree programme in Romania in the field of tourism with a focus on tourism innovation and destination management;
  • You will develop European-level professional skills through the course content and the participation of foreign visiting professors;
  • You will have plenty of opportunities to find suitable jobs related to the professional training acquired during your studies, not only in tourism business, but also in local authorities responsible for strategic planning and policy making in the field of tourism;
  • You will have access to internships and other practical training activities in Romania, Spain and Germany;
  • You will be able to deepen your knowledge of English, as well as Spanish and German, through specialised foreign language courses throughout your studies;
  • You will be included in the working teams of tourism-related projects carried out by the Faculty;
  • You will be able to continue your studies at doctoral level in the fields of economics and business administration.
  • Last, but not least, this master's degree operates a double degree programme in co-operation with Universidade da Coruña in Spain. This means that, if you complete one semester of your studies at Universidade da Coruña, you will be eligible for a second degree from this Spanish university. There are Erasmus scholarships available for you to paticipate in this scheme.