Local identity management

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Common principles and global policy experiences

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1. The concept of identity. 2. Foundations of the identification mechanism. 3. Types of Identities. 4. Identity functions. 5. Local identity in the system of territory identity. 6. Defining the borders of local identity. The distinction between regional and local identity. 7. Factors (elements) for the formation of a local identity. 8. Levels of manifestation of local identity. 9. Local identity policy: concepts, goals and tasks. 10. Subjects of the policy of local identity. 11. Resources for the formation of local identity. 12. Types of local identity policies. 13. Elements of the system of local identification. 14. Local Identity Design Tools. 15. Territorial branding. 16. The role of social programs in the formation of local identity. Human capital development. 17. Ritualization and symbolic policy. 18. Financial support for local identity policies. 19. Normative legal support of the policy of local identity. 20. Global experience in the implementation of local identity policies.

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