Fala Brasil course sponsored by UNIMEP concludes with success

Students played in a Portuguese-speaking Fortnite team for their final test
A course of Portuguese for foreigners entitled Fala Brasil and sponsored by Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba concluded with success last Friday. The course was offered to students of the EUROSCI Network community, including teachers, students, graduates, and their families, and could be taken by school children as young as six accompanied by their parents. The course brought together students from four different nationalities, and different backgrounds, from primary school children to full professors and professionals. The course was taught by Marina Martin from Unimep in Brazil, and students also learned how to use educational technologies, from video conferences to video games. The teacher sponsored the creation of a Portuguese-speaking Fortnite team with native Brazilian players for the final test of the course. With this pioneering course, Unimep assumes a leadership position within the partners of the EUROSCI Network in South America.