White paper on the situation of international mobilities for students with disabilities


This paper aims to be an authoritative report that informs readers concisely about the current situation of international mobilities of students with disabilities in four European countries (Romania, Hungary Spain and Norway). It is produced in the framework of an EEA Grants project entitled “Institutional change for International Exchange of Students with Disabilities”, with the participation of the University of Agder (Norway), Universidade da Coruña (Spain), and the University of Szeged (Hungary), under the coordination of Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara (Romania). This white paper aims to shed light on the inclusiveness of international mobility programmes for students with disability based on the experience of these four universities. The results of the statistical tests suggest that there is not sufficient empirical evidence to conclude that students with disability are underrepresented in the last academic year for which data were available. However, after closer scrutiny involving the use of empirical evidence for a longer period of four years at Universidade da Coruña, we found out that students with disability are significantly underrepresented in outgoing international mobilities. The main conclusion is that it is necessary to increase the availability of empirical data in order to be able to draw more powerful tests about the participation of students with disability in international mobilities.

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